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Mulberry's After-Party

Mulberry's new collection was inspired by the British summer, in which dominated the waterproof fabric jacket and a tied waist, decorated with precious stones beach dress ensembles. Thirty-four designers to create garments of different colors - from the beige, pink and blue to bright lemon and pale green.

But if you liked this collection, wait and see how the After Party was:

The photo call was so original, filled with animal shaped inflatable ballons which gave the guests the opportunity to take their pictures with a very funny and playful background.

Jade Williams / Irina Lazareanu / Romolo Garal

To entertain the people attending, loads of celebrities among them, the party counted on Hurts to season the night with their concert and Hot Chip, who were in charge for the mixtape.

Hurts (left) and Hot Chip (right) during the Mulberry After-Party

So yes, definitely the kind of party I would have loved to go to... maybe next year!

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Unknown dijo...

Desde luego, una fiesta de las que no hay que perderse !! creo que , mejor que los desfiles es todo lo que rodea a estas semanas de la moda...backstage, fiestas, photocalls, gente conocida, street style...verdad?
Un besazo!!

Juseneide dijo...

Jade's look is so in :=)

Moonstyle dijo...

wow amazing pics...:)
thanks for your comment..i'm following you

anyaadores dijo...

Gosh this stuff is gorgeous - besos,

Maiken dijo...

wow, those clothes look simply perfect :) and the balloons are so cute and fun!

Le Chat Noir dijo...

Great post! I love the name of your blog!
Thanks for your comment on my blog!
I'm following you, hope you wanna follow me back!

Diario de. dijo...

I like maxi skirts!! ejjeje

Daria dijo...

loved the collection!


Couture Carrie dijo...

Beautiful collection!
And the after party looks like so much fun!


Mr kane dijo...

love the photo call is so original!!


David Toms dijo...

Many thanks for the comment and visit to my blog! What a fab party this looks!

Shanah dijo...

Wow! I sure hope you'll be able to attend next time :) It looks like an awesome after party! (Great collection as well, let's not forget about that)


face dijo...

thanks for your comment,ciao a presto..

Punctuation Mark dijo...

that is an amazing collection!

Denise Pacurar dijo...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! I'm following you!

These are great pics! This looks like a cool party!

xoxo Denise



I'm Irina Lazareanu's big fan!! and the collection is so fab!

amy b.s. dijo...

wow. how amazing.

Jane Alisa dijo...

The after party looks amaze. xoxo

Evainny dijo...

Thank you for your comment!
I love your blog, I follow you!

Evainny´s Fashion Diary blog

Gorgeous Clara dijo...

loooove Mulberry. This collection is amazing!

Marta Valdés dijo...

Me encanta esta firma.La colección es maravillosa como de costumbre!!
Me ha gustado dar con tu blog y sería todo un placer que te vinieses a conocer el mío para que veas los complementos que hago y saber tu opinión¿te apuntas?

Vanesa dijo...

Love the collection.
The party looks that was funny and amazing!

Thanks for your comment honey,
Follow you!


lapetiteblonde dijo...

Me gusta mucho esta colección!
gracias por el comentario en mi blog,espero que vuelvas!;)
un besillo y te sigo!


Valentina dijo...

Great post! :)

The Streets of Fashion

Fashion-Bridge dijo...

Hi dear! Thanks for your lovely comment!

I totally adore mulberry! I fell in love with this collection as soon as I first saw it! The ice-cream and peachy hues are so cute and faminine that I simply have to have them for the coming S/S season:)))

Love Mulberry bags and accessories! They are the best!




Anónimo dijo...

Love <3

Snazzy Dollface dijo...

great idea for the stuffed animals and balloons... so fun and colorful :)

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