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New shoes cure the blues

I've been very stressed lately moving to another city and all the mess that it brings, so
I decided to treat myself with some piece of clothing that I was longing for lately...
It was time to finally buy these hysterical shiny sandals (I think I've even dreamt with this pair eventually).
Still don't know what to wear the with, but after all,  it's said that if a pair of shoes make you smile everytime you see them, then they worth more than they cost.

2 comentarios:

vn dijo...

wow - amazing colour - and glittery too!!
need to see an outfit post
when you wear them!

you liked the pulp gif on my random
post so thought you *might* like
to see this

- George

Unknown dijo...

These are so pretty you can put them in a prominent place in your room as decor! That's what I would do ;)

xx Cristina

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