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DIY: Collar

Blouses, shirts, jackets, cardigans, coats... everything is about the collars and the neck this season!
So, what better than a easy DIY to update your clothes?

Here you have one I found on the UO blog ages ago.

A needle
(you can substitute the needle and thread for a stapler or special glue for clothes)
Fabric you choose

Use one of your collared shirts to measure how much fabric you'll need.
Add about a centimeter or so of extra fabric around the edges to leave room for a hem.

Cut the fabric and use this as a pattern for the other half, with the outsides facing in.

Cut the ribbon tails and place them at the short end of the collar.
Make sure you don't place them at the long end,
otherwise you'll end up tying your lapels together!

This is the hard part: sew it all together.
(Insider short cut: a much lower-effort alternative is to use a stapler or glue)
Make sure to leave about two centimeters or so on each of the collar's short sides open.

Use the open gaps to flip it inside out, then stitch them up.

Ta-da! Now that you have the general idea, experiment with patterned fabrics, proportions and embellishments.Here you have some oter stylish ideas...

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Unknown dijo...

Muchas gracias por todos y cada uno de tus comentarios cariño!
me gusta tu ultimo post!! es buenisimo!!!!!!
un besito enorme;Claire.


Kimberly dijo...

i love this such a great idea definitely need to try!! thanks for the comment!


Paige Rhianne dijo...

Oh my god, these are adorable I'm defiantly going to give these a go!
Thankyou for your comment lovely xx


Unknown dijo...

Cute cute cute! I love this diy!

xo Mary Jo

Unknown dijo...

This is genius,what a fantastic idea,love it definately have to try this out!
You have a new follower <3

NAR dijo...

Que genial la idea! espero poder ponerme un dia a hacer algo por el estilo. te sigo!

G dijo...

WOw I love this. Absolutely brilliant idea! Thanks for dropping by my blog dear. If you want, we can follow each other. Let me know if you're following my blog and I will surely follow back. ;)

Marialu dijo...

Me ha encantado este post, me parece una idea estupenda y un DIY que queda de maravilla!
Un beso,

rich girls. dijo...

the studded collar is so cute. x.
ps. i cannot get over kate bosworth and her fashion choices. i'm glad that you agree!

DailyGlamour dijo...

great DIY !

Anónimo dijo...

ahhhhhh the fur collar is so fun

Piksty dijo...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and thanks so much for posting this, its really helpful for me...Wanna follow each other?

Piksty :-)

The Foolish Aesthete dijo...

So fabulous! I really really want a collar in leather or lace too.
Thank you for your comment on my blog ;-)

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