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Sisters' Business

Is it just me, or are the couples of sisters taking over fashion?
Seems that lately, more and more siblings have been hoarding covers, launching clothing lines, or modelling.

You don't believe it? Let's try to play a little family's association game...

First ones are:

These sisters launched on 2009 the first Twenty8Twelve collection. Sienna said about it "When you grow up together and share a life as each other's half until you leave home, it's inevitable, or was at least for us, that you share an appreciation of a similar aesthetic." Actually, on the brand website you can find a Working Together section, where you can read that Savannah made Sienna's first fancy dress costume at the age of eight, and also even see the pic.

Ok, so sisters with their own couture fashion label... that bring us to:

The Olsens are questionless fashion icons; not only being always regular in front rows or magazines (last one has been Vogue's Best Dressed issue) or for being ambassadors of the boho chic style. They've also had always an interest in creating fashion themselves. They started by creating a clothing line in Wal-Mart stores across North America for girls ages 4–14 as well as a beauty line. On 2007, the pair also started a new line for The Row (their own brand), entitled "Elizabeth & James", named after their siblings.

Bonus sister. Lizzie Olsen, last one to arrive. She's also an actress as well but she's already made a Nylon magazine cover; and everybody is now keeping an eye on her.

So we're talking about sisters that are actresses but also with a presence on fashion, even lately having appeared in a magazine cover... I know who's next:

We've already dedicated a post to these sisters. They're not only all over magazines, on covers or articles (W magazine has been the last one), but also are very close to the designers. Youngest one, Elle, is been in The Curve of Forgotten Things, Rodarte’s newest short and covered Love Magazine on her own. Her older sister, Dakota, with a longest career, has already appeared in more covers (Marie Claire, Dazed, Flare, V...) and has  Marc Jacobs campaigns, the last one for the Lola perfume.

And well, if you want to talk about someone who's made loads of campaigns...

The English model Moss has had campaigns with major Italian, French, American, and British designers; she has been featured in fashion spreads in most major fashion magazines; she has appeared in music videos, provided vocals for songs... And as our previous couples of sisters, Kate Moss has as well released several collections for Topshop and four fragrances. And lately, she married Jamie Hince on 1 July 2011. Spotted at her half-sister Kate’s wedding as a bridesmaid, 13 year old Charlotte “Lottie” Moss is said to want to follow her supermodel sisters footsteps.

 Let me see, British models with a younger sister following their steps... Yep, I know more of those:

They were influenced by the fashion industry from a very young age, thanks to their mother, head of sales section in British department store Selfridges. Poppy has taken hold of the New York scene, imposing its delicate and informal style. Socialité and blogger, she was named ambassador for Chanel and has starred in ad campaigns for brands such as Mango and Laura Ashley. At 18 years old and with a Burberry campaign and modelling for Asos already under her belt, Cara is set for big things. With her elder sister already an established model, her social circle is filled with the youngest, coolest rising stars.

Fine, more sisters modelling, here we go.

Georgia and Elizabeth share tastes and profession: both are reputed models which is not surprising considering that they are daughters of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger. Both of them began at an early age his adventure in fashion, clearly demonstrating that it was the way they wanted to go. The earliest one was Elizabeth, who just at 14 years abandoned his studies to take this path that has led to stardom. Georgia repeated this pattern but she waited until 17 to become the face of Hudson Jeans. These girls are typical of the covers and advertising campaigns and two of the names that promises them further in this sector

Mom was a model and dad is a Rolling Stone? Wait, this sounds familiar:


Daughters of Keith Richards an Patti Hansen, actually, these sisters appeared on a Tommy Hilfiger campaign alongside with Elisabeth Jagger. Theodora has guest-edited one issue of L'Officiel, modeled for Karen Walker label, appeared on the cover of Lucire and became the model and muse for New York City premium denim collection 4Stroke Jeans. Alexandra's face has appeared in established magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, ID magazine, Harpers Bazaar...

And the list could go on and on... 

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Monsterchen dijo...

yes it´s true the sisters are taking over the fashion world but isn´t it also so that the style gen always stays in the family;) especially love the jagger girls!
love and kiss,mary

Unknown dijo...

un post muy original =) me ha gustado ver las fotos con hermanas, la de Kate Moss es guapisima! y mi duo preferido son las Fanning


Angel Garcia dijo...

Hmm how odd.. I never noticed this but glad you mentioned it.. It is true!

Love! ~Angel

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Nini dijo...

Great post! Interesting to read their storys, I didn't even know Kate has a sister! Thanks for your nice comment! XOXO Nini

I V Y dijo...

lottie moss <3 ahhh!

zebra and meerkat

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V dijo...

This is such a cool post! Love it, I have never thought a about famous sister taking over fashion because the only ones I knew of were the Olsen twins but wow so many sisters.



Anónimo dijo...

Thank you for comment;) Sisters Fannig are great!

Unknown dijo...

Me encanta este post!!! me quedo con las Fanning y as Miller...jejej


Anupriya DG dijo...

Hmm....surely something to think about! Glad you shared!

Thanks for dropping by my blog... :)

Unknown dijo...

There's power in a plus one, obviously! Love your post!

xo Mary Jo

Teresa Torres dijo...

Wowww es verdad que si te pones a contar salen muchísimas parejas de hermanas dedicadas al mundo fashion o artístico jaja Me encantan las Miller y las Delevingnes!!!

Un besito guapa


Paige Rhianne dijo...

This is very true i've never noticed it before! Thank you for my comment xx


Unknown dijo...

estas asociaciones me parecen geniales! muchas no las conocia, gracias por la info!
tenemos sorteo en el blog, te apuntas?

soph // and other things dijo...

So true! Now, if only I had a sister... haha

Anónimo dijo...

Wow, what a great post! I always forget about the Olsens other siblings...haha.

My sister would like this post too ;)

Following you :) will you follow me?

Much Love,
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Nadine Flatt dijo...

I didnt even know that kate moss has a sister?! wow so lovely alltogether !

Beauty Follower dijo...

What a shame... dont have a sister lol!

Unknown dijo...

great post... I didn't know the Jaggers & Richards sisters...when your daddy rocks, you rock too!!

like your blog...great themes!
nice to "meet" you!



Morlee dijo...

So fun to see the differences between all the sisters!

Anónimo dijo...

This was such a great post ! Loved it. There were so many familiar faces, but I didn't even know that all of them were related. ANd, I think the brunet Olsen sister is the prettiest of them all :>

Thanks so much for your comment.
Do stop by anytime again, it's great to stay in touch.

Have a nice weekend,
xx indie by heart

Michelle and Kristina dijo...

Great post!!! i love the olsen twins =D we are following you now !!! hope u follow us back =D xoxo

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