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November Lookbook: Zara Risks

Looks like in Zara Woman they have finally decided to be a bit more audacious and drop the serious and minimalist (you can even say boring) style they had been using as a common pattern in their two last months' lookbooks.

This month they dare to take a little risk in the outfits by mixing prints and styles; even including a bit of a grunge inspiration in some of them, which would have typically been more likely to appear on the TRF line.

The result -though may not be made to satisfy most of the public as this brand normally tries to- is definitely a much more interesting and inspiring series of looks.

8 comentarios:

Unknown dijo...

Tienes un blog super chulo, me ha encantado, voy a detenerme a ver los demás post que parecen interesantes.
Que bueno conocerte,te sigo, si quieres sígueme también.
gracias por tu comentario.

Cool Vanity dijo...

Me gusta el vestido con degradados. Bsinos.

Marella dijo...

Looooooooove this lookbook!

Teresa Torres dijo...

Holaaaaa!!!Muchas gracias por tu comentario!!!Pero no se quién eres!!jeje
Me gusta mucho tu blog, está muy trabajado!!!
Un besitoo


Northern Style Exposure dijo...

its almost like the styling of J Crew. Mixing prints and patterns. Mixing pieces that are dressy with casual. I like it

Paula y Mar dijo...

Bonitos looks! :)
p.M. <3

blondehaus dijo...

I love the looks that you always find and compile. i really dig your style.

No soy Lola dijo...

Lo reconozco...Me encanta esta colección invernal de Zara!!Ay!!!Mi pobre tarjeta y mi bolsillo como sufren...=)

Muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog!!


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