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The Most Fashionable Place On Earth...

Exactly, according to Alexa Chung's recent interview for Company Magazine,
the most fashionable place on Earth is a bus! But not any bus, the 149 one in London.

Starting at London Bridge bus station, the 149 crosses the river and just keeps on heading north.
The route forges through the heart of the City - past Monument, Leadenhall Market and
Liverpool Street - and on to the trendy shops of Shoreditch High Street.

LFW is coming, so you know what is the place to be!

3 comentarios:

ilovetrends dijo...

I read the interview in the magazine some days beforme my trip to London, and I wanted to do the 149 route, but finally we didn't have time. In the new issue of company magazine there are some pics of girls in that bus :)

Unknown dijo...

Haha so does that mean it is just chock full of fabulously dressed people on their way somewhere cool? I gotta take a ride ;)

SoapiUk dijo...

haha yeah I read that interview as well and thought I will have to catch a bus when Im in london x

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