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Models Off Duty, NYFW

While we're all checking all the shows from NYFW, processing all the information,
trying to pick the collections we liked the most, and also keeping an eye on LFW,
why not enjoy some of the models' looks after work?
Everybody knows we are all nosy people and love to see what they wear!

4 comentarios:

fashion-meets-art dijo...

i love the celine sneaker so much. nice pictures. thx for sharing- great inspiration.
lovely greets and kisses
please visit me <3
maren anita


Sootjeelina dijo...

I love all of these! Models off-duty are the best
Thanks for visiting!

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Mandy dijo...

Amaaaazing. Models seriously have the casual chic aesthetic nailed! Love this post, thanks for sharing!

Thank you also for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm following you now, hope you'll come back soon and send some love. :)

<3 Mandy xx

kumiko mae dijo...

oh so thats how models look like when off duty... they look perfect!

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