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Photography Friday: Paris Was A Funfair

All images by Frank Bohbot, freelance French photographer with an exquisite talent
for taking a cinematographic inspiring shot of even abandoned train stations or theatres.

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Suzanne Toro Lopez dijo...

Oh wow, beautiful photos! I'm following you defintely!

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Alba dijo...

oh so lovely photographies! :D
i love the post. :)

thanks for pass to my blog.


parfums dijo...

So beautiful pictures. good collection.
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cachemirevictim dijo...

Really nice photos! I like your blog either! ;-)

Anónimo dijo...

Omg this is so cute!!!! I want to go!


Tungsten Rings dijo...

I like to go there.. nice place..:)

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Alba - Petit Sweet Couture dijo...

Cool pics!! amazing! xoxo

Kristine M dijo...

pretty pictures!! thanks for sharing! love all of your recent posts!!

Id love you to check out my latest post at http://backalleysandboulevards.blogspot.ca/2012/06/summer-in-city.html

Kristine :)

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