"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Stolen Girlfriends Club

The name of this New Zealand label sounded familiar to me, I guess I read it in some magazine somewhere, but i thought it was a band's name.
(hey, it's a good name for a band as well)

So when today I've found their clothes while shopping at Urban Outfitters, I've been amazed by them and instantly visited their  official website to know more about them.

Renowned for their individual ideas and eclectic designs, Stolen Girlfriends Club not only make beautiful clothes, they also have very interesting projects. Apart from "No Safety Helmut", a photographic tribute to Helmut Newton which is linked with an exhibition an charity action for the Aids Foundation, they also have very original ideas when it comes to presenting their collections.

Like this supermarket show, For 6 minutes New World Supermarket at Victoria Park (Auckland) was taken over by twenty models treating each aisle as a catwalk, and the public were the inadvertent guests to the "Untitled" show.

Apart from all of this, I know what you want to see are the clothes! So here you have some pieces from the "Last Nights Party" collection. I specially like here the quality fabrics throughout their collection, such as leather and fur... that fur dress, well, just great.

2 comentarios:

Unknown dijo...

seriously cool clothes.. there's an edgy design to them isn't it?.. I'm checking their website right away, thanks for sharing...
cool blog!

La mujer invisible dijo...

Me encanta el vestido blanco :)

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