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Models who Rock

Just hi everybody!¡

This is my very first post....and i wanted to dedicate it to my biggest hobbies: music and fashion....and that's what this blog is going to be about!!
I must confess that i'm so crazy about music....i think i spend hours and hours and even more hours searching on internet for new bands, old bands, songs... And when i finish, i still spend hours and hours and more hours listening my ipod.
And i love to find connections between fashion and music. So today is gonna be about those models/singers.

*** The first one....obviously: Miss Moss.
Everyone knows she was the girlfriend of Pete Doherty (from Babyshambles), in fact she has sung with him in many festivals. You can look for songs like:
-"La belle et La bete", "When i get low i get high"," I wanna be like you".
( i like the first one the most! )

If you want to see her perfoming...look for Glastonbury festival.

Now Kate has a relation with another rocker:

Jamie Hince, from The Kills.
But Kate Moss has colaborated with other indie groups, just like Primal Scream ( Diamond Blue, Some Velvet Morning). She has also danced in a music video for The White Stripes.

*** Next one, and very related with Kate,

is Irina Lazareanu.
She is been also sentimentaly related with Doherty,
but at the moment she is working in a music project with Yoko and John son: Sean Lennon.

In fact, we could see them performing in Chanel Pre-Fall 2008 Show.
The song is called "Some place along the way"

***Finally, we have the one and only Agyness Deyn.
And i should admit, that i really LOVE this model, i think she is one of my favourites!

Josh Hubbard,his boyfriend,
is part from the band The Paddingtons.

Aggy herself, she has an own band
called Lucky Knitwear.
And lately, she has colaborated with the band Five O'Clock Heroes in the song "Who".

You should see the video...it's worthy!!She looks so cool and her voice is so nice!!

Also, she also plays as DJ on Lower Eats Side NYC's clubs... she's unstoppable!!

---------So, what do you think?? Who of them do u think that is more talented?

Do you know other examples of model/singers??

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Anónimo dijo...

love the three of them. Specially Kate because she's my favourite top and she's a great composer. 3 songs of the last Babyshambles album are written by Kate. I love 2 of them: "Baddie's Boogie" and "You Talk", they're amazing. You have to listen to them if you haven't done it yet. And she was so cool on "Some Velvet Morning".

Another good example of music and fashion is Carla Bruni


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