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We belong in a movie

When I made the resume about this season's campaigns I didn't include Jil Sander's;
partly because it didn't fit in any of the categories I selected - well, in the Retro ones it does - ,
partly because it's one of the most original ones this Spring 2012.

Natasha Poly and Daria Strokous, photographed by William Vanderperre, look like troubled characters of a classic horror movie, I would even say like Hitchcock movies inspired women. Of course, this season is the precise moment that Raf Simons has decided to move on, locating his inspiration in the mid-century modern design movement. Jil Sander show relentlessly pursued an elegance that was fifties in appearance.


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Fash Boulevard dijo...

so breathtaking. great post, love. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I've got a brand new outfit post and a fabulous giveaway. I'd love to hear your thoughts. xo


Magdalena dijo...

Gorgeous pictures!! The green dress is fabulous!!

Have a beautiful week!


a medallion dijo...

thanks for visiting my blog
I must say that yours is very interesting a little bit different that others which I see. I'm following
and I'm agree: photographies like from the movie with dark mystery

Morlee dijo...

I love this collection. But I'm a sucker for anything with some vintage flair.

Pispi dijo...

no tenia ni idea de la inspiraccion de esas fotos era de peliculas de Hitchcock, que interesante


badBarbara dijo...

these photos are amazing!

Beauty Follower dijo...

Great shooting!

Unknown dijo...

I just previewed each and every designers' pre-fall 12 collection and have to say that Jil Sanders was one of my favorites. Didn't see this ad campaign, but it only adds to the allure for me.

xo Mary Jo

Anónimo dijo...

That green dress is beautiful.
Maybe we can follow each other?

Monsterchen dijo...

really an amazing campaign i have this alfred hitchcock feel looking at those shots! and i love the green dress madly!

meg patrick dijo...

Wow these are gorgeous Photos! That green dress is lovely! x

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