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Home, Bold and Beautiful Home

Blogs are packed with pictures of minimalist beautiful houses, most of them minimalist and perfectly
decored with glaring white walls. They are nice to see, but - in my opinion - they end up being all quite the same and lack personality. Therefore I always settle to more risky and bold colours when it comes to home decor, they give a home a stronger character and charm. So, play the color game if you dare to!

[source: TheDesignerPad]

12 comentarios:

Faye Lesley dijo...

so many gorgeous colours!
thanks for sharing such amazing, inspiring interior images.


Despina T. dijo...

the first and the last one are amazing!wow :) nice choices.

Cool Vanity dijo...

Really original!. Kisses.

Simone Crown dijo...

The colours are amazing! I think I will do one wall in the livingroom in that pink from the last picture.

Kisses from Austria,

Blog Tesoura Neles dijo...

i couldnt agree more with u, minimalist houses are beautiful, is a fact, but its not personal, a house has to have your charm your personality and minimalist houses tells that u dont get comfortable enough there, thats what i think.. :) thanks for coming to my blog, its lovely here

Lola Burn

Adriana Mullor dijo...

love it!!! =)

Thanks for your comment, now im following you =)



Laura A. dijo...

I love interior design, all pictures are so great :)

Monsterchen dijo...

me encantan estas inspiraciones para decorar el hogar, sobre todo los colores pink y turquesa como mola!

Saleem dijo...

ME gustan muchisimo todas tus propuestas!!!
Somos unas enamoradas de la decoracion!! gracias a tu comentario te he descubierto!! asiq nos vemos por aquí!!
Un besazo Saleem

Melina dijo...

love that print

Maria dijo...

Really like the last photo lol Pink, ahaha probably the girly side of me decided on that :D

My lad side dijo...

gran idea!!!! recopilando recopilando!!!! jajaja

Marc de My Lad Side

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