"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Jeremy Scott

I was taking a look at the site of american designer Jeremy Scott and i realized (it's easy to see) that all his collections are, at least, excentric...i mean, not the kind of outfit you could wear daily...not very pret-a-porter.

His looks have been defined like:
"A free-for-all of controversial ideas, sometimes wrapped in style", and i totally agree.

Here i leave you some examples of what i mean....
I love transgressor collections...and i bet this designer is one of the best making them!!


Apart from the hamburguer, do you want small chips with the menu?

Tonight home-alone,
what better than popcorns and pizza?

This is the new way the Scouts
should sell their cookies!

So, still hungry? Do you want something sweet?

Well, he has chocolate and cream-cake


More agressive looks:

Do you want to be a knight or an helicopter?

Wild Cheetah

Try some of the looks of the old civilization.
Egypt and Greece

This one looks like kind of a Geisha
For Spring lovers: Butterfly, avalaible in many colours

Fan of "The Jetsons"

Guitar Hero

My favourite one is the last....i would love to have a guitar-dress!! is amazing!!!
What do you think of Jeremy Scott??
Which outfit you like the most?

5 comentarios:

Emma Waldorf dijo...

happy meal looks makes me laugh!!
I love it!

geri hirsch dijo...

i really love all his designs. he is totally innovative...if only i could actually pull off some of his pieces...

Kira Aderne dijo...

great blog!!
thanks for passing at mine!
let´s exchange links?
you are at my blogroll already :)

see you,

Danz dijo...

his designs are humourous but still very beautiful at the same time.


thanks for the great comment on my blog about my header and outfit! ps: that ice cream dress is so cool!

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