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Rainbow Covers

Which is your favourite one?
Playful and colourful Gisele Bundchen for Vogue UK December by Mario Testino?
Or Charlotte Free's pink hair and indie vibe for Wonderland?

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If you want to get some ideas for next year's Halloween dinner, read this post and check the wonderful event a friend of mine prepared and I attended. And don't forget check her blog, she's new in the blogosphere, but definitely comes to stay! Drops of Neon blog has interesting DIYs, inspiration through outfits and the latest fashion news.

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Crazy for fashion dijo...

Very cool covers! <3<3

Designing-Idols by Carmen dijo...


Mani dijo...

oh wooow, that is so cute! I looove the Vogue one!

Anónimo dijo...

Wonderful covers!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Give a pass by the mine. ^_^

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i love the model's top with pink dye hair.

Couture Carrie dijo...

Love Gisele!
Voted for the first one :)


Alexandra dijo...

I love these covers!! Very Janpanese inspired...
I followed your blog, follow back?

Anónimo dijo...

vogue vogue vogue!!
She is excellent=)
have a look at my new post if you get time<3

Kia Gomez dijo...

Hey !
Gisele looks gorgeous in that cover, but that Wonderland is cool too :)


Anónimo dijo...

I loved your blog. Congratulations.


Silvia está Tocada dijo...

Personalmente soy más de la Bunchen. Me parece una chica muy atractiva y que encima tiene personalidad. En parte es lo que la hace tan atractiva. Gracias por tu comentario a mi post. Me ha hecho mucha ilusión. Me ha gustado mucho tu blog, intentaré seguirte todo lo cerca que pueda! Xoxo

Maggie dijo...

Nice covers! Especially the Vogue one. Thank you very much for your comment:) xoxo


Babi Brea dijo...

thanks for your comment!! and yes! the skirt is recent is from bershka on this season!
I like your blog! follow you! hope you follow me back! =)



Miss A dijo...

Creo que con la de Vogue!

Miss Psycho Cat dijo...

I love the one with Gisele, she looks great :)
Thank you so much for your lovely comment dear ;*

Heleninha dijo...

Gisele of course!!!

Marcia B. dijo...

I really love the wonderland cover, it looks like its dripping, so cool! Thanks for your comment! Would you like to follow each other?

Angel Garcia dijo...

I love Gisele but I want the WONDERLAND cover!

Love! ~Angel

Wida dijo...

It's too hard to choose! I love both of them! Giselle looks absolutely stunning!

Missing Amsie Blog

smokingherlastcigarette dijo...

OMG! cool colours :)
follow me ill follow you back :)

Blog Tips and Trends dijo...

The trend of multi-colored pieces is very present in fashion editorials, right?
I love this trend!
Ma Amorim – Blog Tips and Trends
twitter: @_TipsandTrends

Unknown dijo...

I like both looks for different reasons, but probably the one of the right has my heart because of the indie quality, oh yeah--and I had pink hair back in the day...

xo Mary Jo

Wynne Prasetyo dijo...

Vogue's more extravagant but somehow Wonderland is more me. It has a whimsical vintage touch that I relate to.


J. dijo...

I love the Wonderland cover and wonder why American Vogue can't be as good as the UK Vogue...(or Japan or Italy...)

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