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Prada Suits Everyone

Dior and Guy Ritchie, Chanel and Martin Scorsese, Gucci and David Lynch...
And now Prada takes Roman Polanski. 

Roman Polanski directs this viral fashion film starring Helena Bonham-Carter -looking rather
gorgeous-  and a phenomenal Ben Kingsley, who gives the story the funny ending twist.
Only Prada could make Kingsley feel like good on a furry purple coat.

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Simone Crown dijo...

Super nice!

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face dijo...

amazing...very fun

ideassinvalija dijo...

WOW jajajajaja. Helena, is amazing ♥ Prada!? Prada!? OH, PRADA ♥.

Unknown dijo...

Haha, love this so much--it's in my weekend links too!

xo Mary Jo

Chrissi Lai dijo...

I love watching fashion films!! Helena Bonham Carter is such a national treasure!

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Bruna Araújo dijo...

Adoreeeeei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar por aqui (:


Clara Turbay dijo...

Since I knew your blog
became one of my favorites

Celia Mendez dijo...

loveee it!!!

me encanta xD

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